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Home Maintenance, Production & Storage
by Jen in

Frugal living isn’t about giving up the "good life" it’s about living smarter so that you can stretch your dollar. Then you will have some extra resources to put toward those special things you would like to do. It can include do-it-yourself skills, maintaining your home and car, gardening, preserving food, using coupons, and a multitude of other things. It is a matter of becoming aware of what you can do to save a dollar or reuse a resource. 

Learning to sew or grow your own vegetables, or any one of these suggested things can be a creative, rewarding, and fun experience. The feeling of self-reliance that comes with doing things can be a great reward in and of itself. So get started! You may find a new hobby as well as some extra satisfaction along the way.

There are great resources for home maintenance, production & storage at The Milwaukee South Stake Resource Center

Tips to get your home ready for winter.

Pumpkin Carving 101

Getting your car ready for winter-Video tutorial

Christmas Tree Safety
Here is a video encouraging you to keep your tree watered.

January 2012:
Best Time To Buy Calendar- Print out this calendar to find out what are the best buys for each month.


Frugal Friend said...

I have been starting my seeds in the house. I have them in a sunny window. There are some that have already sprouted. Every year it seems like such a miracle when everything begins to grow.

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