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Community Resources
by Jen in

Our community is the group of people living close around us. It should be a major aim of people in communities to get to know one another, helping to work together to provide for common goals, and providing support in times of need. People working together can accomplish much in improving the health and happiness of friends, neighbors and others living near by. Working in the community can give opportunity for service and friendship. Look for opportunities to be active in your community.

The Church is responding to the current disaster in Japan. Learn how to be of help through the Humanitarian Fund.


Find ways to serve 

in the local or world-wide community here.

Find your local Cooperative Extension office.
These offices are staffed by one or more experts who provide useful, practical, and research-based information to agricultural producers, small business owners, youth, consumers, and others in rural areas and communities of all sizes."

Lawn and Garden Resources from the UW Extension Cooperative

Community Resources For The Elderly

A 4-H list of 366 service project ideas from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Turning Point- The Clarks are making a difference. Meet a family with 21 adopted children. Also Dr. James and Eagle Eyes technologies.

Godparents for Youth Organization & Dogwood Restaurant-Tanya Walters runs Godparents for Youth Organization to help kids raise their grades; Galen and Bridget Sampson run an apprenticeship program at the Dogwood Restaurant in Baltimore to help get struggling people back on their feet.

The Hallelujah Chorus to share.

January 2012:
Fulmer Brothers Boxing Gym & The Erin Kimball Foundation-This presentation is about three brothers that keep young men off the streets and out of gangs and a couple that provide support for women and children trying to escape abuse and domestic violence situations.
For more information 
and links to resources click here.

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