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Family Finances and Resource Management
by Jen in

Our financial resources are those assets and reserves that we have acquired. To manage these assets it is important that they be organized to function effectively. That means that we should learn to budget and live within our means, avoid going into debt, and put away something for a “rainy day”. This takes discipline and planning. When we manage our resources wisely, we will be able to prepare for future needs, be prepared for unforeseen events, and be able to have the security that we can provide for our wants and needs.

Wise Financial Management During Tough Economic Times

Grandparents can help teach children about money.-5 Ways to Teach Kids the Value of Money


 Debt Settlement vs Debt Management -This is a video helping the consumer to understand the difference between debt settlement and debt management.



Biz Kids-Explore the dramatic potential of early financial literacy with the founders and beneficiaries of Biz Kid$. Learn the philosophies that drove the organization into existence and meet several children who have started their own businesses.

12 Things I'm Thankful For-When times get tough, count your financial blessings.
January 2012:
Constancy Amid Change- Financial principles for good times and challenging times.

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