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Family Relationships
by Jen in

Being resilient means to be able to “spring back into shape after being bent, stretched or compressed”. To be emotionally resilient means to be able to spring back emotionally after experiencing difficult and stressful times in one's life. In hard times it is easy to let emotions run high and take over but this can lead to strained relationships, causing loss of support in the greatest time of need.

Skills for becoming emotionally resilient can be learned but it is best to start practicing before the need arises. Learning and practicing exercises for stress reduction can also help to reduce the damage not only to relationships but also to one’s physical health. This includes proper nutrition, staying fit, and getting enough sleep. In trying times it is important to be healthy in all areas of life. 

Another part of staying emotionally strong and stress free is building hope. Hope can dispel fear and despair. It is like a breath of fresh air when one feels choked. With it one can face the daunting task of solving  difficult problems, knowing all is not lost.

Hope and faith go hand in hand. When these things are active in your life, it doesn't matter what trials come along. Come what may, you can face it with faith, hope and a little love thrown in for good measure.

When a baby is born, so are two parents.

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How Can I Stay Safe From Bad Things In The World?- Richard G. Scott has some words of advice for children.

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The 5000 Days Project:Two Brothers-Meet Luke and Sam Nelson, two brothers who struggled to develop a positive relationship in childhood. The Nelson boys are just two of 60 kids documented over a 5,000-day period by filmmaker Rick Stevenson.

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January 2012:
Happiness in Family Life-Explore ideas for finding happiness in family life.

To find resources for Family Relations and Stress Management click here.

If you have any resources or ideas you would like to share please add a comment below.


Frugal Friend said...

Families can be a great source of comfort and also can create a bit of stress. Knowing what to expect in different stages of life helps to relieve some of the stress I guess.

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